October 31, 2017

Case stories – Bangladesh


Mohammed Zoiful said:
“I want safe access to light so that my children can study in peace”

Mohammad Zoiful is one of the millions of climate refugees fleeing destructive climate anomalies in Bangladesh. Driven from his home, Zoiful is living in an off-the-grid colony for displaced people, with limited access to reliable energy or potable water.

EVD Solution:
With Grameen Shakti’s help, Mohammad Zoiful installed a solar home system that provides his family with enough electricity to run a few lights and to charge his phone. Sometimes it is also enough to run a fan. Zoiful and his family no longer have to live in darkness. Grameen Shakti alone has distributed more than one million solar home systems in Bangladesh in off-grid areas. They also have provided the users with credits to pay for the systems.



Ibrahim Mia said:
“I want access to a reliable source of energy” 

Ibrahim Mia is a farmer who lives in the small village of Khowamuri. Even though this village lies a mere 35 kilometres away from Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city, the village is not connected to the grid. This forces the inhabitants to rely on non-renewable fuels such as kerosene for energy and light.

EVD Solution:
In a settlement with little infrastructure and no grid-connected electricity, Ibrahim’s only source of light at night came from conventional kerosene-fuelled lamps. These lamps pose a serious safety hazard, with fires breaking out quite often from their use. Installing solar lights on the roof of his home have freed Ibrahim Mia from reliance on kerosene lamps. He and his family now have a secure and reliable source of light that allows his daughter to study by at night as well.